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Supported Independent Living

“ Independence is not about doing everything alone but having the freedom to choose how we live, learn, and grow. “
Supported independent living is an assistance offered with the same objective. We want people living with disabilities to lead an independent life, in the way they want. To help achieve this dream, we at ‘achieve care disability’ offer SIL services to NDIS participants and empower them to live their lives to the fullest.
Now, care is at the core of each of our services. We do understand the delicate intricacy with which disabled people need to be handled. By ensuring all the support you need, we will enable you to lead an independent life in whatever ways possible.
Whether you are living independently or in shared accommodation, SIL services are sure to empower you with self-reliance.

What is NDIS SIL service ?

SIL stands for supported independent living and offers assistance and support to people with disabilities of the NDIS scheme. Under this scheme, people can avail different sorts of assistance to enable independent living. This includes support like accommodation management, healthcare assistance, skill development, community engagement, and everything that empowers the one to live independently.
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What is the SIL housing rate ?

Current lodging fees

DSP>21- $400

Resident rents are subject to review twice annually in July and January each year.

Eligibility for SIL

Independence is nurtured by believing in oneself. And independence is the biggest source of strength for humans.
Everyone deserves to live a self-reliant independent life and disabled individuals are no different. Living in a supported accommodation is going to empower you in so many ways. However, mostly you will get all the care and support while opening your wings to an empowered future.
If you have a permanent and severe disability and if you are wondering whether or not you are eligible for SIL, here’s a quick guide for you.
Email info@achievedisabilitycare.com.au and talk to our planners to get a better understanding of your needs.

How to apply for NDIS SIL ?

SIL is a special need and is accommodated as per the individual’s disability and needs. In the planning stage of your NDIS, ask your planner to include assistance needs. You may be required to submit various documents to verify the severity of your disability.
To apply for NDIS SIL contact us at 38 Dallington Cres, Balga WA 6061(0493 365 681)
We can help with your applications and SIL needs as required.

Benefits of SIL accommodation

Individuals with a disability do not need to compromise their living patterns. With SIL you get tailored care and support that enables you to live a reliant life. The custom care is what makes SIL so unique. From helping you live independently in private accommodation to living in shared accommodation and learning new skills, SIL is unique to each participant.
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