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Assist Life Stage Transition

What makes life more exciting are the different transitions that happen in it. However, that shift is not easy for everyone, especially if you are disabled. At Achieve Disability Care, we thrive on assisting NDIS members through life cycle transitions.

Achieve Disability Care is registered with the NDIS to offer the best possible solution regarding any transition that you need to make. With NDIS and us, you could achieve your desired goal easily and quickly. The transitions that you might need to make throughout your life are starting or changing schools, moving home, getting that first job, or retiring from work.

Our services are divided into two parts: life and job transition support. Other life stage transitions can be handled with a similar approach, but transitioning into a job requires a different approach.

Life Transition Support

We are here to make your transition a bit more seamless and smooth. To do that, we support participants in planning for change and developing strategies to make transitions less stressful. We can help you with things like making short-term and long-term plans. We can also help you make a budget so that you can plan your spending properly. Saving money is often the hardest thing to do.

Assistance with life transitions includes

  • Getting in touch with a support
  • To coordinate services
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • Life transition mentoring
  • Individual skill development and peer support
  • Assistance with decision-making
  • Plan your daily routine
  • Assistance with budget planning

We deliver personalised life transition support for our participants, which makes you more independent in your future. We believe everyone deserves to live their life with sovereignty. And we are here to make that happen.

Job transition support

One of the most common changes in life is the move from school to work. Our experienced and helpful team makes it possible and easy to find work. We can help you improve your skills, look for jobs, and even get an interview. We help you figure out your skills’ strengths and weaknesses and plan how to improve them as much as possible.

Assistance with job transition includes

Assistance with job transition includes

  • Assistance with resume and cover letter writing
  • Finding job listings and sending applications
  • Assistance in improving interpersonal skills
  • To boost your confidence for interviews
  • Assistance in travelling to and from work
  • Resolving conflicts and crises
  • Mentoring in financial matters

Why achieve disability care?

Achieve Disability Care is with you in every step of your life to make that possible transition easy. We can do that with the amount of assistance we will provide you, and there are even more areas in which we can help you that we have not mentioned right now.

Do not stop yourself from contacting us if you need assistance in a specific field. We understand that every individual is different, as are their requirements, so we can be flexible in constructing the right plan for you.

How do you contact us?

You can contact us in multiple ways: either you can call us at 42517 9300 or 08 6150 0175, or email us at info@achievedisabilitycare.com.au, If you want to meet us in person, our care centre address is down below.


Why should you plan for your life transitions?

At least once in your life, you have heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure” and believed it to be true. Similarly, if you plan something beforehand, then the rate of success increases drastically. So it is important to plan your life transition.

Why are life and job transition support different?

In life transitions, if you look at all the transitions carefully, they come under just one umbrella, so the same approach is okay to have. On the other hand, getting a job is much different because of the set of challenges it involves.

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