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As a leading NDIS Provider in WA, we aim to provide aid to NDIS participants, to make them independent and self-reliant. In most cases, our support could help the participant to pursue their life on their terms. The meaning of independence is different for everyone, a few may feel it is getting out and enjoying with friends, while for others t could be engaging family and friends of learning a new cooking skill.

NDIS has helped in changing the funding and provision of disability services. The new model provides the service seekers more choice and control of services. Another benefit this scheme brings in is the personalisation of services as per the individual’s need, to develop independence.

Services Offered At Achieve Disability Care

We at Achieve Disability Care—the most talked about NDIS Provider in Perth, WA make sure that you enjoy independence without hindrance. Our trained professionals could assist you, whenever needed or stand behind you, assuring you that we are there for you!

A registered NDIS Provider in Perth, WA like Achieve Disability Care, helps with few services, such as

  • Help in preparation for planning sessions
  • Help NDIs participant explore personal goals
  • Provide support for individual accommodation or shared living
  • Support in daily living and personal care
  • Improve health and well-being, in areas such as education, employment and encouraging in NDIS community participation activities
  • Provide in-home cleaning

Provide guidance and support for gaining and retaining job through disability employment services providers

A few of the NDIS support coordination providers in Perth, WA would work in tandem with their peers to bring the like-minded people together so that they communicate and develop a bond that would help in keeping them socially active. In a few cases, these coordination services could help in shared living.

At Achieve Disability Care, one of the most popular NDIS providers in Perth, WA make sure that you get what you wish. We customise our plans so that they suit your needs and help you achieve what you desire, all round the year.

NDIS Participants

To avail the services of an NDIS service provider in Perth, WA you need to qualify as per the set criterion, which includes:

  • You (or your loved one—the disabled person) should be less than 65 years of age
  • An Australian citizen, or a permanent resident, or a citizen of New Zealand who has a ‘protected special category’ visa
  • The participant should have a significant or permanent disability requiring assistance from others, special equipment or technology

Know More About NDIS And Its Service Provider

Achieve Disability Care is the registered NDIS service provider in Perth, WA that offers services for NIS participants. The dynamic support services help in nicely transforming the lives of differently-abled, allowing them to go about their daily activities with ease.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is popularly known as NDIS, is a new scheme, launched by the Federal government. The main aim of this aid is to help disabled people with proper care and professional guidance through different NDIS providers in Perth, WA. It aids in customised planning, funding and support to people with disability, their families and caretakers. This lifetime approach is mainly for people below 65 years and intended to change with individual circumstances.

You can get in touch with our representative to know more about this reliable NDIS provider in WA by calling 425179300 or 08 6150 0175. You can also mail us at info@achievedisabilitycare.com.au

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The NDIA determines individual eligibility for the NDIS. The NDIA is the national agency responsible for running the NDIS.

Some people including people living in supported accommodation, accessing a specialist disability case management service or accessing a respite service will go through a simplified eligibility process, accessing a community access service such as a day program, based on the supports they currently receive.

If you do not currently receive specialist disability supports from the Government you will have the opportunity to access the scheme when it starts in your local area, if you are in immediate need of assistance, and do not currently have support.

The NDIA will assist you to determine if you are eligible.

The NDIA will also ensure that there are Information, Linkages supports available within the community. These supports are also available to people who may not be eligible for a funded package.

You can find information about the disability and early intervention requirements on the national NDIS website, www.ndis.gov.au

Achieve Disability Care supports ongoing improvements in the lives of people with disabilities.

A guide to the access requirements for the NDIS can be found at www.ndis.gov.au

You can also phone the NDIA directly on 1800 800 110 to ask about eligibility for the NDIS.

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