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NDIS Assist Personal Activities

Ageing in place or recovering from the comforts of your own home is a feeling like no other! You get to be in an environment you love with a homely aura that you cherish! However, tackling household chores and a medical condition is never easy and yet people around the world still struggle with their day-to-day activities! From mobility issues to battling disabilities- sometimes a helping hand like NDIS Assist Personal Activities is all the care you need!

NDIS assist personal activities Personalized For You

NDIS assist personal activities in Perth is an endeavour that focuses on healthy rehabilitation of patients and seniors growing old or recovering from the comforts of their home! However, unlike most caregiving services, Achieve Disability Care’s care activities in Perth does not simply focus on the medical recovery of the patient, but rather on the overall wellbeing of the care-seeker. This means, you will have our skilled caregivers extending a helping hand to you, whenever you need it the most! The scope of service undergoes an upgrade too! Instead of your caregiver focusing on your medical routine, they can proactively undertake personal growth activities, to keep u engaged and active or attend daily chores on your behalf.

Everyday personal care activities – But Simplified

At Achieve Disability Care, we believe in tailored caregiving solutions that personalize the type of assisted activities you would rather have. We have trained our certified caregivers to handle a wide gamut of personal care activities in Perth or Development & Support Life Skills in Perth, to make your day a little less complicated and a whole lot of wholesome!

Type of NDIS assist personal activities in Perth

Personal Care

Be it the enjoying the golden years of your life or stepping into the early years of infancy- personal care can be bliss when you have capable of assisting hands acting as a backbone for you! We could be your travel assist in Perth as well, to add a little colour to your life.

Our NDIS assist personal activities in Perth includes assistance with-

  • Medicine Tracking and administration
  • Post-op patient care
  • Everyday dressing and personal grooming
  • Feeding or assistance with eating
  • Personal hygiene and Care
  • Mobility in and out of bed/chair
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Attending events or shows
  • Coordination with respective doctors

Home Care

They say a healthy environment paves the path to a healthy you and we couldn’t agree more! You feel healthier and happier when you’re in a clean, composed, and controlled environment and if you’re gaining in place or recovering at home- no premium care is better than some light housekeeping assistance!

Our home care service along with personal safety activities range includes assistance with-

  • Light household chores
  • Nutritious meal preparation
  • Running important errands
  • Cleaning & vacuuming
  • Gardening
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Dishwashing
  • Spring cleaning
  • Home maintenance in general

Care When You Need It The Most

Emergencies happen and we understand that! At the moment of need, when medical emergencies get the better of you and your loved ones, our certified respite care caregivers will be there for you, egging you on, encouraging you to stay active and take part in various activities such as personal activities for kids and aged!

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