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NDIS Individualised Living Option

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NDIS is a home to all the disabled giving immense support and proper accommodation. They offer a wide range of services and different types of accommodation plans for people. They have supported independent living schemes, Respite short-term accommodation, Specialist disability accommodation and Individualised living options. All of the accommodations include equal support and services that are beneficial to the people. There is separate funding for each one of them as well.
Individualised Living option under NDIS is a housing and support solution designed to empower individuals with disabilities to live independently and on their way. A customized living arrangement is created that is done keeping in mind the goals, lifestyle and unique requirements of an individual.

What is an Individualised Living Option (ILO) in NDIS?

Also known as ILO, the Individualised Living option refers to an accommodation or support given by the NDS to live the way an individual wants to. The housing is designed in such a way that the ideas, goals, and requirements are priorly being asked of an individual. It depends on the individual with whom he or she wants to live and in what ways.

Key aspects of Individualised Living Option

Individualised Living Option (ILO) In NDIS
Individualised Living Option Eligibility Criteria

Individualised Living Option Eligibility Criteria

The NDIS Individualised living option is designed for individuals who want to live their lives independently. This is specially designed for those individuals with major and permanent disability and who faces problems in performing daily tasks. This will help the individual as well as make their work easy in handling the daily chores. Certain prerequisites need to be followed when one wants to register for an individualised living option.

How to design your Individualised Living Option(ILO)?

Registration of Individualised living options can be done in formal as well as informal ways. Support can be given through family, friends or relatives. Funding will be given to the applicant through the NDIS support.
It is a two-way step process which is included in your NDIS plan.
One of the important aspects of NDIS support is that it does not assist the participants who are studying or working outside. Support is given while they are living in the house to create a conducive environment for them
How To Design Your Individualised Living Option
Benefits Of Individualised Living Option

Benefits of Individualised Living Option (ILO)

Individualised living is considered the best option when one decides to live their life on their own and wants to live independently. There are numerous benefits of individualised living options.

Q & A

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